Xiaomi’s latest investment

Xiaomi latest investment

Xiaomi latest investment happens to be in Geometrical Pal – which of course is a company that happens to specialize in automotive driving technology. This of course, therefore, marks yet another investment from the brand when it comes to the automobile industry.

In accordance with a report coming in from Sohu, the Shanghai-based Geometrical Pal has just gone on to complete its series of Pre-A rounds of financing nearly 62 million USD. During this round of investment then, various brands have proceeded on to invest in automotive driving based firms – which include the likes of Xiaomi, Baidu and also other notable Chinese companies.

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Previously, it was also reported that the Chinese tech giant would invest in yet another self-driving systems developer called Zongmu. At this current moment in time, this round of financing will be used so as to accelerate the mass production of a new generation of automated software and hardware integrated systems. Most notably, with self-driving technology actually seeing a boom in the automobile industry, various tech firms have gone on to start taking notice and have also started the process of investing in startups and brands that go on and specialize in this particular field of technology.

For those of you who are unaware, Geometrical Pal was subject to being established back in October of 2018. Indeed its operations will involve machine as well as deep learning systems and the company makes use of low-cost high, high reliability, as well as an easy mass production philosophy. Indeed I e autonomous driving system actually involves integrated perception with the aid of intelligent decision making. Moreover, its operations also involved software as well as hardware integrated systems. Other technologies include the likes of visible light vision, infrared imaging, and even more – those of whom actually function in real-time.


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