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Xiaomi’s new range of scooters can deliver a range of up to 200km

So if the Ninebot’s  scooters were not able to impress you, well then Xiaomi’s new line of scooters will. The eco chain company which comes under Xiaomi has now unveiled its new e-bikes under a separate E-series which are there to provide users with amazing efficiency in terms of travelling  The new E-series comes in 5 variants which have been dubbed as the E80C, E90, E100, E125, and E200P distinguished by their maximum speed, battery range, and other features. 

The high-end or premium model in the series is the E200P and the company claim that this particular scooter can give you a range of 200 KM and on top of that it can also reach speeds of 100 km/h while the base-version, the E80C can reach a mere 51 km/h and has a range of about  90 KM. Other than that, the E90 has a range of 100 KM and a max speed of 55 km/h. Both E80 and E90 are gain power from a 1.2KW battery. On the other hand, the E100 is powered by a 1.8KW battery which provides the user access to speeds of about 60-65 km/h with a range of 100km-200km depending on the traveling speed.

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Next the E125 gains power from a 2.4KW battery which in turn allows the model to reach 80-100km/h coupled along with a pretty good range of 120-240 km, also depending on the speed. The E200 has a whopping 5KW battery and can reach up to 100 km/h with a range of 200km. So quite like the C-series, the bikes in this particular series come with multiple smart features which include the provision of assistance when going up a hill and switching modes according to other scenes. Now with the help of sensors and smart scene recognition, the bike can be driven at the touch of a button which should help you get by easily. 

The bike also has positional tracking (GPS) along with a remote-controlled lock and a security alarm which triggers if you lose the lock so all in all in terms of security these bikes are well equipped. It boasts an anti-theft system and an anti-theft module. While the rest of the series is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the E80C uses a completely self-developed lead-acid battery system. An SOS signal is sent along with the location of the rider to an emergency contact if the bike develops a fault on the move and if it isn’t used for a while, it will notify the user to charge it.


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