Xiaomi’s recent patent

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Chinese manufacturer in Xiaomi has recently gone on to publish a new patent. This new patent was for the sake of a “flexible screen module,” as the highlight feature of it is the fact that it comes with nearly a 100 percent screen to body ratio.

It has been reported that the patent also actually includes a summary which goes on to offer us a rather brief description of the technology at hand. The display technology also proceeds on to include two regions or two display areas making way with a hinge mechanism. In the sub area of the second display region, the device actually houses a camera module. The camera system has the capabilities to move along with the hinge mechanism. Via this movement then, the second display of the device can indeed be used as a regular front display and can also uncover the cameras for the sake of rear photography.

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Moreover, this also actually makes way for the foldable smartphone from Xiaomi to actually have the same camera system face the front side. However though, when the front facing camera is not actually required, the device can achieve a high screen to body ratio – nearing 100 percent. Unfortunately enough though, the more finer details with respect to the handset are still currently unknown and it is unclear as whether the company is even working on such a product or is just covering all bases. And so, perhaps the best that you can do is to stay tuned for more updates because if all that has been said is concrete, then more updates are likely to follow through sooner rather than later – one would have to imagine. Nonetheless, regardless of the concreteness, one would have to say that it’s nice to see Xiaomi being in the news for such a thing as it proves that innovation has no stops!


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