Xpeng, one of the leading Chinese automakers, had a tough year in 2022. The company’s sales failed to meet expectations and its share price dropped by 81.34% as a result. The Chairman and CEO of the company, He Xiaopeng, recently wrote a letter to the employees promising that the company will end the bad course it has been on. Xiaopeng seems committed to keeping that promise and I have no doubt that he will succeed. An electric vehicle startup in China launched its P7 sedan and G9 Sports SUV in Europe for the first time. I would like to share with you the details of the event…

A new generation of Xpeng electric vehicles is being launched in Europe as part of an international push

The Chinese automaker Xpeng has announced that as part of its international expansion strategy, it has launched its P7 sedan and G9 sport utility vehicle in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. As far as pricing is concerned, the P7 sedan is priced lower than Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range in all four countries. In order to achieve a range of up to 576 kilometers with a single charge, it has a starting price of 49,990 euros ($54,917).

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As an SUV, the G9 is more expensive than the Model Y Long Range, with a range of 570 kilometers on a single charge and a starting price of 57,990 euros in the Netherlands, which is higher than Tesla’s Model Y Long Range. A number of Chinese automakers, as well as European giants like Volkswagen, and other Chinese automakers, such as Xpeng, compete fiercely for sales in Europe, not just with Tesla.

Although Xpeng is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers on the market, it is not the only one. Its Chinese competitor Nio has already initiated deliveries to Norway. As a result of its aggressive international expansion, Xpeng has opened physical stores all over Europe as well as launching its new mass-market sedan, the P5. In spite of this, the launch of sales of the P5 has been suspended due to supply chain issues.


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