It seems that Yahoo is going through its worst time as due to a recent data breach almost all the Yahoo accounts were impacted. To get a clear perspective just think about 3 billion Yahoo accounts. Yes! This figure is more than Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Snapchat users.

In December 2013, almost 1 Billion accounts were affected by a hack on Yahoo. The company admitted at that time hacking important credentials of a billion users is being called the World’s largest hack attack to date.

Yahoo broke that record itself as now the data hack is greater and the company has been in news for some weeks for really terrible reasons.

It will be not off beam to say “This would be far and away the biggest data breach we’ve ever encounter.”

The data breach that was happened in 2013 caused affect to 1 billion Yahoo accounts. But this week, the investigations revealed that the hack had a higher collision than it was considered in past.

At this time, after almost four years, Yahoo has changed its assessment another time. It is alleged now that as many as 3 Billion Yahoo accounts were affected as a result of this data hack.

Yahoo is likely to get a rise in the number of consumer class-action lawsuits in US federal and state courts, with the new figure. As this is the biggest hack ever in the history of the internet.

The latest information about the breach is coming from an enquiry after Verizon acquired Yahoo in an arrangement of worth $4.48 billion. According to the information leaked, this hack didn’t consist of passwords in the text, credit card or bank information.

However, in view of the fact that the passwords were encrypted in an old technique, the passwords can be extracted out of the encryption and decoded.

Earlier this year, Verizon had cut down the price of acquisition by 350 million dollars As a result of the security breach reports, but now after knowing and having clear cut idea that every account on Yahoo was breached, Verizon might think of to cut down the price more.

For now, Verizon has not passed any comment apart from a press release.



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