Whatsapp is one of the – if not the most popular messaging app all over the world. The app has racked up downloads in recent times as we saw it surpass a billion downloads in recent years. And now, the team behind the app has given the users of Android yet another reason to choose their service over whatever competition there might be – with the introduction fingerprint locks on Android devices.

Indeed, users will now be able to enable fingerprint lock within the app to make sure that there is no unauthorized access. The update for this feature rolled out for iOS just earlier in the year, however, it is only now that the feature is making its way on Android devices. One can imagine that this will be yet another welcome feature and will give users even more the reason to choose the app as their main messaging one.

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This feature will also make sure that messages and other notification content will be hidden from displaying users’ private information. Incoming calls will not be blocked though – and you can’t really blame the developers for this as Android phone calls in general don’t have security measures such as this up their sleeves.

Once you get the update, you will only be a few clicks away from enabling it. All that you would have to do once the app is updated to the latest version is to navigate the settings within the app. From there, head on to account and from there, go to privacy. From here you will see the new fingerprint lock option. All you would need to do then will toggle the setting, set the lock duration along with the notification preferences – if you may. And then finally, you will be free from ever worrying about a third party gaining unauthorized access onto your WhatsApp chats.


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