Yoast SEO behind the curtains improvements

Yoast SEO behind the curtains improvements
Yoast SEO behind the curtains improvements

So in the latszt report it has been found that the folks at Yoast SEO HQ have been very busy in bringing about some changes to possibly better things. As per the official page of Yoast SEO, they say that ‘Behind the scenes, we’re making good progress at getting our flagship plugins ready for the future. While we’re busy building the future, we also stick to our regular two-week release schedule, which means it’s time to introduce Yoast SEO 12.5’.Moreover for those of you unaware of what Yoast SEO is well it is something you use to optimize your WordPress website for search engines and it is hence a key factor for growing your business and establishing your authority online. Currently, WordPress users can choose from more than a hundred SEO plugins designed to improve the search ability of any self-hosted WordPress site; but the free Yoast SEO plugins is on top of the list.

The plugin is currently being developed and the new update is set to bring in loads of improvements and according to the company, the work is being done behind the scenes.” We’re working on improving our code base and will be releasing something cool pretty soon. To get that done, we need to do some cleaning up”. States there official website. Furthermore, in addition to getting ready for future releases, the company have already fixed a number of bugs. One of those bugs happened for terms where keywords and snippet preview data would be synced across all languages in a Multilingual Press multisite environment. Another bug misplaced visually hidden text in several elements inside the Snippet Preview. On top of things,the company have also been able to deprecated the old Search Console integration as that won’t be returning in that same shape or form.

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Following the release of WordPress 5.3, Yoast SEO is set to return to their initial position of only supporting the latest two versions of WordPress. These are the WordPress 5.2 and WordPress 5.3, and not versions before that. What this change possibly means is that Yoast SEO are planning to cut short there support for WordPress 4.9, which by the way they have been supporting for a long period of time in a bid to allow people to transition to WordPress 5.0 and ease over people to the classic editor or block editor.

In WordPress 5.2, the core team have upped the ante, the minimum PHP requirements from an ancient 5.2 to the slightly less ancient 5.6. By supporting the last two versions of WordPress, we can now develop our software using PHP 5.6. This means that we can develop faster and more securely. WordPress Yoast SEO 12.5 is a fairly basic release with lots of stuff going on in the background. We’ve fixed a number bugs and with the new update get  get ready for future improvements in the future.


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