The world is progressing day by day ladies and gentlemen and cameras are frontrunners with Cameras progressively advancing day by day. Well one such camera is the Yongnuo YN 450 which is a full-fledged mirror-less camera which can support the Cannon’s EF line of lenses and it gets better. The camera packs a Android Nougat on a 5.0 inch touch-screen display. In terms of design the camera looks a lot like a camera has been bolted together with an Android phone. The Yongnuo YN450 further packs a 16 megapixels four thirds sensor coming along with a 4K video option at 30 FPS.

Furthermore, the hardware seems like one you’d find on a Android phone. The camera seems to support 4G and 3G network data as well as Wi-Fi compatibility. You will not believe this but the Camera will also carry an unspecified Octa-core Qualcomm processor. There will also be 3GB Ram and an initial memory of 32 GB which can be expandable to 64 GB using a Micro-SD card. It also has a big 4000 mAh battery and even a selfie camera which is 8 megapixels.

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This part is funny, in a world where cell-phone companies are getting rid of the Headphone jack Yongnuo put a headphone jack in a camera! Which is more than enough, then any android mobile phobe will get you nowadays.

Finally before you get your hopes up for the next best option for the Galaxy Camera there is still a lot we do not know yet. It is still not clear whether you’ll be able to download and install applications from the play store as we’re still not quite sure whether Yongnuo is just using the Nougat as just a android software base. Furthermore rumors are in the air in terms of the new product’s price, release date and availability, as nothing has been confirmed as yet, even the name is still undecided as the company is running a contest on its Facebook page to come up with a better name than YN450. Let’s wait and see how the new camera shows up and how good the camera will really be!


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