According to many reports, the YotaPhone 3 has been announced, after a conference was held in Northern China. The phone will be a successor to the YotaPhone 2, which shook the world with an E Ink display on its back. The dual screen smartphone will be available in 64GB and 128GB versions, for price tags worth $350, and $450.
The phone will be made available this fall, in Russia and in China. Other than this, not a lot has been revealed about the device. Whether the YotaPhone will be successful in the states is the question that needs answering. Yota devices have a poor track record in the states, as it killed the release of the YotaPhone 2 after a launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring it to the states.
Hopefully, for both the company’s sake, and the consumer’s sake, things will not be same this time around, and there will be a US version of the YotaPhone 3. It is also expected that Yota Devices will release more details regarding the smartphone later this summer


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