You can now copy handwritten text from page to PC

You can now copy handwritten text from page to PC

Google lens on Android is now getting its hands on to some quite decent features. The image recognition tool can now go on to help users copy/paste their text from the real world to a digital one. While lens already featured with the option of allowing users to copy text from the real world to their smartphones, this feature is now expanded as the same copy and pasting can be done within desktops and laptops. You can now copy handwritten text from page to PC.

Let’s take for example a situation where you have a handwritten note which you want to use so as to send an email or indeed you just want to edit on your PC. Now, you can do this by just simply selecting the particular text you wish to copy with Google Lens and tap “copy to computer.”

Selecting this option will indeed paste the selected text – whether it is a printed paper, a sign board or indeed a written note – to your computer. You might want to get your hands onto the latest version of Chrome by updating the browser in order to make sure that no issue occurs with the whole procedure.

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Also, another new feature is being added to lens which will allow users to work on their pronunciation of difficult words. All you would need to do in order to achieve this is select the desired word with lens and then tap the new “Listen” button in order to hear whatever the word is – out loud.

In addition to all this, yet another feature within lens will also allow users to look up concepts which they do not understand. For example, imagine that you’re reading a book, and you come across a difficult phrase or something you do not understand. In that case, all you would need to do is simply pull up Google lens and select the specific complicated phrase or word and get a Google search result for it.


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