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You Tubers Can Now Make More Money with Shorts

The video-sharing platform YouTube has announced that creators will be able to generate ad revenue from their ‘Shorts’ content starting February 1st, as per the promise they made back in September last year to launch a new monetization option for this type of content.The fact that a large number of Pakistani YouTubers tend to focus on short videos makes this update a great opportunity for local creators to earn more from their videos. In addition, it will help the website attract a greater number of content creators as a result.

This change is part of a broader update to YouTube’s Partner Program, which now requires all YouTube partners, regardless of whether or not they want to monetize their short video clips, to sign a new agreement agreement. In the past, creators could only generate revenue from Shorts by using features such as Super Chats and shopping integrations, as well as a creator fund that was set up by the company to facilitate revenue generation.

Although this model appeared to be more effective than TikTok’s monetization scheme, which directly shares ad revenue with creators, something that YouTube has been doing for years for traditional videos, this model was not able to deliver the same benefits as TikTok’s. As of now, the feature has been extended to shorts as well.

In the case that creators do not wish to monetize their Shorts content, they can opt out at any time.

What’s New?

YouTube has announced a modular system for the Partner Program’s terms and conditions, where everyone entering the program will sign a base agreement that outlines what content can be posted on the site and how payments will be handled. Those who are already partnered with YouTube are the only ones who can take advantage of this new feature.

Partners are given a deadline of July 10, 2023, by which they must accept the new terms. If they do not agree to the new terms, monetization will be turned off, and they will need to reapply for the program. It is necessary to sign a separate agreement for monetization of “Watch Pages” and Shorts, which needs to be agreed to separately by all partners.

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It has been announced that Shorts is going to be available to content creators on February 1st, allowing them to receive a cut of the revenue from ads that will appear between videos in the Shorts Feed. Meanwhile, the Watch Page agreement covers other features such as live streams and more traditional “long-form” videos that can be found on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids, as well.

Additionally, there is an addendum that specifies a list of “commerce products”, which include memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks, but YouTube states that creators do not have to re-agree to these terms if they’ve already enabled these features for their channels.

Using this modular approach, YouTube can introduce new monetization opportunities in the future without having to update or change the entire monetization agreement in order to introduce new monetization opportunities. Also, creators can choose to opt out of certain monetization modules after signing up for them.

New Eligibility Requirements

The announcement about the monetization of Shorts comes as YouTube is revising the requirements for joining the YouTube Partner Program. Previously, one of the requirements was to have 4,000 public watch hours on your content in the past 12 months. Starting in October 2022, Shorts were included in that requirement.

However, as of January 2023, that is no longer the case, as per the recent update on YouTube’s Partner Program overview and eligibility support page. Now, the eligibility requirement has been modified, where one has to either have 4,000 hours of non-Shorts content or 10 million views on public Shorts within the last 90 days. However, in both cases, creators must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to be eligible.


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