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You will quite easily be able to see dismissed notifications with Android 11

Google has now finally provided users with the option to easily see recently dismissed notification with Android 11.

As you might have experienced before – the whole ordeal of dismissing a notification by accident is quite annoying to say the least. Notifications range from a wide variety of apps and so it isn’t exactly the most easiest thing in the world to see what the notification you dismissed was about. Though it is actually possible to find out by spending a few minutes going through your apps in order to find out exactly what the fuss was about – but who really has the patience to do something like that?

Now though, it has finally been revealed that Android will indeed allow users the option to see the notifications that they dismissed earlier on. This will be available on the upcoming version of Android though – and isn’t there to be seen on the current version of the software in the Android 10.

In respect to what XDA-Developers have had to say, the very first developer preview of the Android 11 goes on to bring about a couple of significant changes on this very front. First and foremost, the notification log got itself visually revamped in order to make it all the more user friendly. Even more importantly though, there is now a new notification history feature which effectively has the ability to replicate all the notifications that you may or may not have dismissed.

As of now though, the feature remains hidden – though you can access it by using an app like Activity Launcher or indeed by creating a shortcut on the notification history activity on your screen using the Nova launch or some other launch which goes along similar lines.


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