The OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that, as a result of a ChatGPT malfunction, some users were able to see the titles of conversations that other users were having with other users. Despite his regrets over what he considered to be a “significant” mistake, he insisted that the issue was resolved.

Several users have posted screenshots of chat logs on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter, claiming that they are not their own but belong to someone else. Although the issue has been addressed, many users are still concerned about the security of the platform.

Since its debut in November last year, ChatGPT has been used by millions of people around the world in order to compose messages, compose music, and even program. There is a chat history function which allows the user to view the chat history of every interaction he or she has had with the chatbot.

There were, however, a few users who noticed that they were seeing conversations histories in their accounts that they had never had with the chatbot until earlier this week.

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The Reddit user shared a picture of their chat history, which included titles such as “Chinese Socialism Development” and conversations in Mandarin, among other things.

On Tuesday, OpenAI informed Bloomberg that the chatbot had been temporarily deactivated in order to correct the issue with it. It was further stated by the company that at the time, users were not able to access the actual conversations.

Despite the recent glitch, concerns have been raised about OpenAI’s ability to access people’s private conversations, leading to concerns about potential data breaches as a result of that access. On Twitter, OpenAI’s CEO announced that the company would conduct a “technical postmortem” in the near future in order to find out what happened.

There is a clause in the company’s privacy policy that states that user data, including prompts and responses, may be used for model training, but such data can only be accessed after all personally identifiable information has been removed from the data.


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