Netflix has introduced us to interactive videos, and with these interactive videos, trust me, you’ll be in control. Netflix has already released its first interactive movie, Puss in Book: Trapped in an epic tale. Now you are probably wondering what interactive videos are, and how they work. Well, with this example of Puss in Book, I will explain to you exactly how the interactive videos work, and how is it that you are in control.

So, basically, this interactive movie, much like all other interactive videos will feature certain points in the story, which will allow and give all the control to the viewers to choose which path a character takes. Netflix also states that Puss in Books can be as short as 18 minutes, while as long as 39 minutes.

For now, however, this interactive medium will only work with iOS, Roku, game consoles, and some smart TVs, meaning that Android devices, as well as the Apple TV, are left out, for now, that is. Choices which occur during the may be done via the touchscreen or the remote control.

With stiff competition coming from other streaming sites such as Amazon, Hulu, and HBO, this certainly gives Netflix some edge because as of now, Netflix is doing something what no one else is doing.


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