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YouTube to add new feature “Go live button” for streaming online videos

YouTube to add new feature “Go live button” for streaming online videos. Recently another new and exciting feature announced by YouTube that will reduce the hassle of YouTubers. The new option allows video creators to start a live stream from their webcam without downloading encoding software. From now on, all you need is to just click on ‘Go Live’ button on the YouTube header to start your stream.

According to the company, no extra configuration will be required from now onward.

The amazing feature is first introduced in Google Chrome and will be later added to other browsers in a while. Before this update, YouTubers would have just one way of streaming online by capturing content with their desktop, camera, and microphone and sent them to YouTube to be live streamed.

Now it seems that this option will make life easier for YouTubers, as it would be much trouble free streaming from your desktop or laptop.

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The decision of live streaming option taken by YouTube is wise as weel as timly as nowadays this feature is heating up with competitors like Twitch for game streams, Twitter’s Periscope, and Facebook Live, all competing for a piece of the action. Then, why should be YouTube sitting behind?

On the other hand, YouTube also plans to offer you live stream directly from your phone’s camera app. The comapny says,

“Our goal is to bring this feature to even more device manufacturers throughout the year through the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link.”

The trend of YouTubers is getting popular day by day most popular Pakistani YouTubers like Irfan Junejo, ZaidAliT, Mooro, Sham Idrees would be pretty glad seeing these new feature.

Moreover, the fans and people who watch their favorite YouTubers go live in real time is a dream come true for them.

So, what’s your opinion about this new update? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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