YouTube cancels the Rewind once and for all

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YouTube proceeded on to scrap its rewind 2020 video thanks to Covd-19 as well as social unrest, however though, it’s not exactly coming back now that the turmoil is partly calming down. Indeed with respect to the latest turn of events, it does now seem as if YouTube will not cancel its year end Rewind videos once and for all. The service does insist that it isn’t due to the blowback which was witnessed from Rewind 2018 though. Rather, YouTube claims that it would be a little too impractical to summarize the site with just a yearly video.

The Google-owned brand will instead trust creators like MrBeast and Slayy Point in order to produce end-of-year videos, and then promote them via the aid of social networks. You will also end up seeing trend lists, awards shows and indeed a currently mysterious “interactive experience.”

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Rewind made its debut back in 2010 and was popular for the better part of its history as a snapshot of the online zeitgeist. That all fell apart though when Rewind 2018 came about. Many ended up feeling that the video actually ignored major creators. When YouTube did end up returning though with Rewind 2019, it ended up abdicating editorial control and hence allowed statistics to guide the content – all of which was rather frustrating for viewers. Even if YouTube is indeed right when it claims that the site is becoming too large for Rewind, the demand just isn’t what it used to be – a revival might not therefore have much of an impact.

Considering the fact that revival was and always has seemingly been a subject that has garnered up a bit of controversy, it perhaps does make sense for YouTube to not go along with it all. Maybe this is the best course of action at the end of the day.


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