Youtube is one the most seeking sites across the world and its features attract every generation inaccurate, the management decided to improve the condition of sites for the facilitation of consumers in accurate and fortune manner. In the formulation of videos, the 30-second ads disturb the criteria of uploading the videos properly that are why the users feel difficulties while they are using this site. Youtube has finally decided to remove Ads.

 In this manner, the Youtube decided to stop add contracts for the year of 2018 and designed new terms about the 20- second ad and 6-second bumper ads. According to the management resources, they want to get back the attraction of users that are confused in the usage of search engine more efficiently. In the realms of email that presented the management of this search engine, the dynamics of this step may disturb the traffic of ads distributors but it surely gained the attention of users as well as a lover of YouTube search engine.

 In this scenario, the Andrew Wohlwend, the leading figure the sales operational at video analytical company Zefr describes that 50 percent of traffic users are on their mobile phones that way in the least memories of their mobile create different types of hurdles and functioning the sites matters. According to all perspective, the company decided to shorten the length of its ads for better result and video formations.

Google deliberately solve this matter with sensual manners with the context of both clients one is users and other is ads agencies. The formulation of all process required time for more than a year. Hopefully, in the context future, Youtube will pay attention to its users most as compare to sponsors in the realm of getting ads.


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