YouTube is About to Become More Annoying Very Soon

Russia is threatening to ban YouTube

YouTube is working to encourage more users to sign up for its premium subscription service and the method it is using to do this is to use the use of more intrusive ads. YouTube has quietly launched the new model of advertising which will display up to five ads before the video begins.

The information came out following complaints from free users complaining that they’re seeing five ads in the video, rather than the normal 2 ads. These complaints were made public via Twitter, Reddit, as in addition to other social media sites and forums.

Naturally, this disappointed the users in a variety of ways However, thankfully, YouTube quickly responded in a matter of minutes.

It has confirmed the possibility that it “may” occur with an ad format known as bumper ads. These are usually shorter advertisements designed to reach more people and raise the visibility of brands. They typically run for six seconds long. YouTube claims that you can provide feedback directly to YouTube by using their feedback summaries.

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But, even if they are only six seconds long it still amounts to 40 seconds worth of advertising that is more than the commercials on TV we are seeing these days.

It’s important to note that not all users who are free receive these types of advertisements, and it’s obvious that the new advertising model is in the process of being tested. Additionally, YouTube did not deny the new model in its response to the public, so it is likely to be available to everyone soon.

YouTube Premium users however they are not ad-free in any way. You can also download YouTube videos to play offline, and gain access to additional videos on the platform. YouTube Music Premium is also available with a paid subscription which lets you listen to music with no interruptions. The service isn’t accessible in Pakistan at the moment.


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