YouTube has intensified its efforts to combat ad blockers, expanding its crackdown beyond browser extensions to include third-party apps that violate its terms of service. The platform’s latest move targets not only ad-blocking extensions but also applications that enable users to bypass ads, such as AdGuard.

Soon, attempting to use such apps will result in an error message stating, “The following content is not available on this app,” as YouTube aims to enforce its terms that expressly prohibit third-party apps from disabling ads. The platform emphasizes that ad revenue is crucial for creators’ support and enables billions of users worldwide to access its services.

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In response to the crackdown, YouTube is urging users to consider purchasing YouTube Premium if they wish to avoid ads. Additionally, the platform is pressuring companies like Xiaomi to remove features that replicate Premium benefits for free. Xiaomi’s video toolbar in MIUI, which allowed users to minimize YouTube videos and continue watching while using other apps, has been removed in a recent HyperOS update due to YouTube’s enforcement.


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