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Was YouTube really down?

Yesterday, many users complained about the lack of YouTube functionality, based not only in the video service’s site, but also on mobile apps. This problem was faced by people worldwide, not just Pakistan, and it occurred at around 3PM PST. The problem that users faced was that they could not access anything for more than an hour. Not only was YouTube music affected, but YouTube TV too was affected, all due to the service disruption. And while many have speculated as to why exactly the site was down, no one has been able to pinpoint exactly where the issue was, though many have gone on to report that it was linked with some internal issue.

So basically, even after more than two hours, the company was still working it out – trying to figure out exactly where the problem was. And it is true that many social media platforms have remained down, and that is happened on more than one occasion, however, this is for the first time that we’ve seen YouTube down for such a substantial amount of time.

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YouTube TV has no doubt seen issues with relation to Pakistan. In recent memory, the site was down during the summer world cup, and, not to mention, the site remained banned for a huge period of time, as the government of Pakistan banned the website for the publication of an anti-Islamic film.

Also, though it is not related to the issue, just for your information, Google is now introducing something called audio streaming and download quality controls for YouTube music for Android. This new video streaming quality controls will have new options in the setting menu, which will range from the likes of low, to the likes of normal, high, and always high. These new options will make way for the users to choose the quality of the video content that they want to watch on YouTube. So in simple words, users will quite easily be able to choose the quality of the video content, all on the basis of their requirements, and on the basis of the capabilities that their internet might possess.


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