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YouTube Super Chat was hijacked

YouTube Super Chat was hijacked
YouTube Super Chat was hijacked

The supposed hijacking seems to be used to promote hate speech. A report reveals that some YouTube users hacked the Super Chat, a feature used in YouTube, and actually paid to have anti-Semitic comments scroll alongside a livestream of a famous YouTuber Ethan Ralph. The hate speech was very disturbing and racist as one comment stated “if you want to know if Synagogue shooting was a false flag then check out the lucky Larry life insurance policies on those dead Jews” .

The use of the alleged Super Chat for such de-meaning comments shows how it is almost impossible to block any such statements as you can see that people will some how find ways to showcase such disturbing comments on the Internet despite the policies set by Facebook, Google and twitter against such platforms of hate speech, and it basically shows the struggle such social-media platforms have to face against hate speech. In the case of YouTube this issue has existed for a long tine now, another report showed that white nationalist figures had been taking advantage of the feature for months to promote such ‘Hate Speech’.

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YouTube revealed the Super Chat feature at the Google’s I/O developer conference in May of 2017. This allows user to pay YouTube performers sums of money. Typically the feature highlights the Super Chat user and keeps him pinned high up the regular chat feed, a way to communicate with other YouTubers.

YouTube further mentioned that it had permanently banned  Ralph’s channel “Ralph Retort” because it violated YouTube’s policies and terms of agreement. Furthermore YouTube gets a cut of any money which is sent to the celebrities of YouTube. They also revealed that that any proceeds from the Super Chat that violated its hate speech policy would be donated to charity. YouTube have also started to develop technology that can spot hateful comments and after close inspection, action can be taken on the reported trouble-maker. (Reported by Wallstreet Journal).

Finally neither YouTube nor Ralph responded to the requests sent by CNET regarding the comment. The video site now faces a tough and complicated situation. The Journal tells us that when a channel gets suspended for a violation, the creator of the said channel could go place from place, showing up as a guest on someone else’s channel and like many cases YouTube has to be careful when balancing out between prohibition of harmful content and allowing wide-range free expression!


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