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    YouTube TV
    YouTube TV

    YouTube TV. Cable cutting means moving away from analogue TV and movie subscriptions services to Digital streaming services is gaining ground in developing economies. It has become more popular with subscribers who are adopting services like Netflix/Hulu etc. along with teaming up increasingly with more media conglomerates (TimeWarner,Walt Disney)introducing them. It is basically a win win situation for both the stakeholders.

    These services tend to provide a better watching quality and although they’re not up to the mark yet in some places, they are evolving into the new norm of watching TV. YouTube TV aims to establish itself as Google’s streaming service but it seems rather restrictive as it is only available in the United States of America and in no other country but what is there is that it is still a force to be reckoned with in the USA. It offers its consumers NBA/NFL season passes along with services like the CW, BBC etc.But then again it still needs to increase available channels as I believe it should spread to worldwide usage and with not only American channels.

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    Now with that being said the service has recently introduced  DVR through partnerships with AMCTV, Turner Entertainment, Disney and NBA Universal, the only name missing is Viacom ( home to Paramount Pictures) . DVR allows consumers to enjoy more of their favorite recorded shows with full control to pause, rewind, & fast forward anytime during playback which is great for YouTube TV users.

    This service is continuing and continues to evolve along with other streaming services coming to the fore we might just see the end of cable TV.


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