YouTuber, Ukhano accused of Sexual Harassment

YouTuber, Ukhano accused of Sexual Harassment
YouTuber, Ukhano accused of Sexual Harassment

In yet again another case of celebrity criticism, famous Pakistani YouTuber Mr. Umar Khan who goes by the social media name of Ukhano has been accused of sexual misconduct by many girls who have took on the social media to discuss the issue publicly. In that regard, these girls have shown  peopleof the social network many screenshots detailing about the harassment they gave faced from the celebrity of the hour, Ukhano on the otherhand has stated that these accusations are “baseless” and that he is ready to come forward with the evidence which may prove his innocence, however we have seen no such evidence thus far.The case is still developing and there seems to be no resolve as yet, and with social media one can never be sure who is right and who is wrong, with both sides standing firm on there supposed claims. So lets get in to some details of the said matter.

Well on Tuesday a recently deleted Facebook post which accused Ukhano of using his influence as a YouTuber to in turn sexually assert himself on girls who are not interested in what he is asking, surfaced online, a post which was made by an alleged victim. Twitter, like any on any such event boiled up and as time went by more and more girls came forward with there concerns that they too had been victim to the YouTuber’s immoral behaviour.

In addition Ukhano discussed the situation in an interview conducted by MangoBaaz, in which he stated that, “Earlier today I was confronted with tweets from a girl accusing me of misconduct with her that has left me speechless and shaken. It has led to more of these misguided allegations, which are based on falsehood and dishonesty, I would firmly like to clarify my interaction with her, as with everyone else, is both consensual and mindful.”He further on also said that “I am particularly mindful of the difficult position women find themselves” and that “respect for both men and women is the basis on which we work together.”

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However, the situation in which many more girls have come out and shown there concerns about the harassment they have faced from the YouTuber has a lot of people confused, with many wondering that how can someone with a profile such as his turn out to be a person he is being proven as by so many girls. But that is the world I guess, you can trust no one and at many occasions people aren’t who they portray themselves to be, since the situation has not been resolved yet it is very hard to take any sides here, but no one can ignore the situations women often find themselves in, with that in mind we hope the issue is resolved so that it may become crystal clear who is at fault.

More on the case, Ukhano recently addressed the situation by sharinga video on Instagram in which he addressed his family, friends and fans and  insists that he has “never made a single woman uncomfortable”. He further added that the relationshiphe has with the initial accuser is strictly professional.. He further claims that he has visual evidence to prove his innocence, and that he is not willing to publish it because it goes against his morals to do so.

On the situation, many famous personalities also showed support for Ukhano, with YouTuber  Mooroo, actress Anoushey Ashraf and famousforeign traveller, Eva Zubeck affirming that Ukhano is not what the accusers are claiming.


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