Zapbuddy: The Best Whatsapp Replacement Contender in Pakistan?


When it comes to chat apps, long were the days when it was just Facebook forcing everyone to download a separate app on their phones for chat communication. Later acquiring WhatsApp sky-rocketed the trend of separate apps for chatting. However, Facebook then took a turn for the worst as consecutive reports of privacy invasions and leaks of WhatsApp caused a lot of people to change their primary chat apps. The competition has been somewhat on and off considering the absence of a real contender to WhatsApp.

Well, now that Zapbuddy is in town, WhatsApp is now going to get a fierce run for its money.

The app had some unique features that are patent pending, addressing encryption, data security, privacy controls, Augmented Reality, etc. A major thing going in their favor is the fact that data selling is not a part of their business plan and that gives relief to privacy-focused users.

There were still two big things missing from the app. The first was Audio and Video calling and the second, which was the most important, is the absence of an Android version.


Now that we have a separate version of Android as well, it now becomes a more comprehensive system. Privacy has been given special priority here. With addition to the WhatsApp features of end to end encryption, it also requires a code to access chats which is a first for such apps. Furthermore, AR Location feature uses the embedded maps and AR to find nearby places intuitively.

Group chats also receive some minor tweaking with the user now able to accept decline group chats, giving the users to opt out of unnecessary groups. Exceptional notifications is one handy feature. It allows the entire app to be muted except a few important chats, unlike WhatsApp where you have to separately mute every chat.

Despite all these improvements, there is always room for development but with a passionate team based in Melbourne and London, it probably wouldn’t be a problem.


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