A doesn’t go by in Pakistani politics without NAB entering the frame and making a bold move of its own. The National Accountability Bureau was set up to look into Pakistani politicians and their assets to make sure that all the wealth that they possessed was accounted for. However, this led to a huge outcry by these politicians, something that the urdu phrase “chorkidarrimeitinka”, perfectly sums up, meaning that the outcry led to NAB becoming more certain that the books weren’t right and they just had to take a good look, and that they did.

NAB’s role in the dismissal of Nawaz Sharif is understated, as it brought to light the unaccounted properties and assets that weren’t included and all the corruption cases revealed by the Panama papers leaks. Thereafter, NAB has been paying surprise visits to numerous politicians catching them red handed, some trying to flee others trying to burn off their wealth. While all the politician parties were against these arrests, it sure did put forward people hiding behind the shadows being protected and being able to do whatever they wanted.

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The latest of these victims was Asif Zardari, who is dubbed to be among the most richest people in Pakistan but little of his wealth is accounted for. Zardari, the co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), was taken into NAB custody from his residence in the federal capital in the afternoon. He has been taken to the NAB Rawalpindi office and would be presented before the accountability court on Tuesday.

A video showed how Zardari was arrested going off in a Land Cruiser, which one might wonder is too fanciful of a car in which people accused of hoarding wealth are taken to jails, isn’t it? The reaction of his family were rather interesting. While Asifa, his daughter shed tears as he was taken away, Bilawal Bhutto had a bright smile as if he was just way too confident with the accounts of his father…

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