There is no denying that Bollywood movies have seen a drastic downgrade in the quality of movies they have been producing, since the focus started changing from the story to the action of the movie. Scripts are being ignored and thus what is produced is mostly below par. The number of amazing movies releasing every year are decreasing quite considerably. So, in this time of a lack of some proper movies, lets give a shout out to one of the movies that defined how life was to be lived and how much friendship mattered. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara no doubt its superb story.

No, I am not talking about 3 idiots. Its Zindagi na milegi Dobara. This movie didn’t receive a lot of traction and remained largely ignored on the box office but those of whom have watched the movie only have rave reviews to talk about. It is one of those classics that no matter how much you watch, you just love it.

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No intense dramas, no action scenes, just a true-to-life, a movie that breathes without making a lot of noise and at the same time making subtle hints at how we should be living our lives.

For those of you who haven’t watched the movie, here is a little gist of what happens, don’t worry, no spoilers. It is based on three friends coming together after being apart from each other in the post-college era, and decide that they would go on a bachelor trip before one of them gets married. The destination is Spain. There, all three of them have individual and collective experiences with a life lesson in all of them and rather than imposing the message on its viewers, the movie lets the viewers decide whether to take this movie seriously or watch it casually. Both ways, it is a joy to watch EVERYTIME!

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