Pakistani actress Zoha Rahman features in Apple TV+ show ‘Foundation’

Zoha Rahman in Foundation

The Pakistani actress Zoha Rahman will be seen on the epic science fiction television series ‘Foundation’ streaming on Apple TV+.

Pakistani actress Zoha Rahman in Foundation

The show is an adaptation of the popular Isaac Asimov Foundation books. Zoha Rahman will be playing the character of Onelle, an Anacreon soldier who works closely with Huntress Phara, played by KubbraSait.

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“I’m such a huge fan of the Foundation books which is why it’s a huge honour for me to be a part of the series,” commented Zoha Rahman. “My character is very interesting, Onelle has the task to guard the warden Salvor after she is captured while trying to invade Terminus. I love anything that has to do with sci-fi so I’m pretty excited about this show.”

Zoha Rahman

‘Foundation’ created by David S Goyer and Josh Friedman premiered on Apple TV+ on the 24th of September and is now available to stream. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

Pakistani actress Zoha Rahman


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