Zong has upwards of 12 Million 4G subscribers in Pakistan which is a great feat

Zong has upwards of 12Million 4G subscribers in Pakistan which is a great feat
Zong has upwards of 12Million 4G subscribers in Pakistan which is a great feat

It would be safe to say that Zong is the fastest and most rapidly growing telecom operator in the country of Pakistan. The company has managed to take on board more than 12 million 4G subscribers in the country alone. Furthermore, in accordance with the stats that have been provided by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Zong currently has the most number of 4G subscribers in Pakistan and with that the company have taken on board the very famous and loved lollywood icon, Hamza Ali Abbasi to further enhance there brand image and now Hamza Ali Abbasi who has now officially a part of the, Zong 4G’s Marketing team, basically the brand ambassador for the famous network.

The company has also recently reorganised there network application, the My Zong App and in turn continue provide there customers an impeccable service by continuing to provide the right tools which helps there users to stay connected in the current era of digital technology and networking, the company have truly released some pretty amazing products and services over the years to in turn stay above there competitors in many fields. The current erais that of the smartphone, the company are also offering some exclusive telecom offers for there service consumers and you can avail there special offers through the Zong mobile application.

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It should be known that the famous network spreads over 400 cities in Pakistan and in addition to that the company currently has more than 11,000 operational 4G sites in the country. On top of that,the company have there very own  in-house customer care center which operates 24/7 in order to help facilitate its users and answer to their queries. In addition to that the digital e-channels are also facilitating the users by addressing their concerns through digital platforms in order to better answer any problems faced by the users of the network.

The telecom giant has also received the achievement award of ‘Best in 4G Services’ from the Consumers Association of Pakistan which shows the impact the Zong 4G network providers have had in the country and it is all due to there undying efforts to provide the efficient network in all corners of Pakistan.


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