Islamabad’s Only Zoo Closes After All Animals Transferred

zoo in Islamabad

The lone zoo in Islamabad — which drew global judgment for its treatment of forlorn elephant Kaavan — shut on Wednesday after its last inhabitants were moved abroad. 

Two Himalayan bears named Bubloo and Suzie were the last to leave the Islamabad office, just about three weeks after the nation’s just Asian elephant was traveled to a natural life safe-haven in Cambodia. 

“The Islamabad zoo is currently totally shut for both public and officials,” Saleem Shaikh, a representative for Pakistan’s service of environmental change told AFP. 

Shaikh said the move was masterminded with the assistance of Four Paws International — the very gathering that led the migration of Kaavan whose situation was supported by vocalist and Oscar-winning American entertainer Cher. 

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She traveled to Pakistan to see the elephant’s flight, and afterward to Cambodia to watch him show up. 

The weak soundness of Kaavan, an overweight, 35-year-old bull, featured the woeful territory of Islamabad’s zoo, where conditions were awful to such an extent that the Islamabad High Court judge in May requested all creatures to be moved. 

Two lions passed on during their migration when animal specialists endeavored to pry them from their pen by setting burning heaps of feed. An ostrich likewise kicked the bucket in the move. 

Islamabad Zoo was set up in 1978 on 10 hectares of land as a home for indigenous animal groups. Specialists currently plan to grow it as an untamed life protection focus. 

With little enactment to defend creature government assistance, zoos across Pakistan are famous for their helpless conditions. In 2018, approximately 30 creatures kicked the bucket promptly after another zoo opening in the northwestern city of Peshawar, including three snow panther fledglings. 

Recently, the IHC saw that the “bears’ common natural surroundings was the high elevation level of Deosai National Park in the Himalayas”. “It was undoubtedly uncaring to have denied them of living in their normal natural surroundings, only for the amusement of people.” 

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah named the zoo a ‘prison for creatures’, and said a zoo, regardless of how exceptional, is no not exactly a death camp for living creatures.


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