A very recent report surrounding the Zoom platform has indicated that hackers put about more than half a million login details with regards to the app on sale on the dark web.

Such logins were put up on sale at 1 pence each and were later on discovered by cybersecurity intelligence – which also proceeded on to buy all such login details.

Zoom Video Communications Inc. has been on the forefront of communication as it has seen its usage throughout the globe surge to levels that it couldn’t have imagine before – this all of course comes courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, while it may seem like it, there hasn’t only been good news for zoom, as it has come under increasing pressure over the vulnerabilities that exist within the app’s software encryption. Indeed amidst all these accusations, the company has also been sued after it has been claimed that the company actually hid flaws within its app and had also seen various cases where online trolls sneak in and disrupt web meetings with some degree of profanity and even pornography.

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Zoom’s shares have more than doubled this year and with it goes the company’s increase in popularity however, privacy and cybersecurity experts have been highly concerned over some of the issues that exists within the app. So much so that even some major organizations around the globe have banned the usage of the app due to such security concerns.

Zoom has not been quite though, as it has claimed hiring multiple intelligence firms so that it can find these password dumps and tools that have been used to control them, as well as a company which had actually shut down many thousands of websites that have been known to attempting in tricking users to download malware or give up their credentials.


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