ZTE Axon Slider phones were an undeniably attractive phone option back in the days when the likes of Apple and Samsung hadn’t started taking over with their own touch screens. Some of the companies today felt so nostalgic as to produce their own versions of slider phones to integrate the legacy of the slider phone and the tech of today to build devices that have mostly missed the sweet spot. With keyboards to front cameras in the hidden plate behind the display of the phone, the main aim still remains to maximize screen to body ratio.

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ZTE is the latest amongst others to offer its own version of a smart slider phone, the Axon S. The images you seebelow are allegedly renders of an upcoming ZTE AXON S. Its sole purpose for sliding to the side is to reveal its cameras, even though slider phones are somewhat thicker due to the build and mechanism. Upon sliding it to the side, all five cameras are revealed: dual front-facers, and a triple-camera setup for the back.

Concealing the front-facer can have its advantages as it eliminates the need for a notch, or a cut-out. However, as far as the main cameras are concerned, it remains a mystery. When we ponder over it, it acts as a shield preventing the camera glass from shattering on drops which seems like a really good idea; but it’s the implementation that matters. The report mentions a 48MP camera, a 19MP secondary unit, and a third one with 5x optical zoom, as per the report.

Another detail reveals 5G compatibility (look at the front network indicator icons) as well as an in-display fingerprint scanner. We would be expecting top notch specs with the latest Snapdragon processor and a massive amount of storage and RAM. However, these are still renders with no official wording yet on pricing or even if the phone is reaching production? We remain curious though!


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