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During the latest Google I/O developer conference, the tech giant introduced several new features for Android 15, focusing on enhancing user privacy and security. Among these updates is a particularly beneficial tweak: an improvement to battery life.

Android 15 will feature an enhanced Doze mode, a system feature designed to conserve battery power when your phone is idle. This update will enable devices to enter Doze mode 50% faster than they do with Android 14. Doze mode operates by restricting background activities and limiting apps’ access to system resources during periods of inactivity, thereby reducing unnecessary battery usage.

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According to Google’s internal tests, this faster activation of Doze mode could extend a device’s standby time by up to three hours. However, the actual improvement in battery life will vary depending on the specific hardware and user habits. This update will be available on all devices upgrading to Android 15, suggesting that many models will benefit from enhanced battery life.

Additionally, this improved Doze mode is expected to be included in Wear OS 6, the upcoming smartwatch operating system based on Android 15. Although the release date for Wear OS 6 has not been announced, it is likely to launch sometime next year.

The enhancements to Doze mode in Android 15 represent a significant advancement in battery management for Android users. While the impact will vary across different devices, the quicker transition into Doze mode is a promising development for prolonging standby battery life.

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