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NetMag Pakistan. We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as a publishing company and our monthly magazine, “NetMag” as Pakistan’s first IT & Telecom News magazine. The past 19 years have been the “best of the times” for our innovative and self-development magazine.

Untold numbers of readers throughout the nation have utilized NetMag Pakistan as an invaluable guide to achieving personal and professional success. In the new millennium, the mission of our magazine remains ever more relevant. One of the most appealing aspects of the magazine is the variety of cutting-edge content which is research based and well explored for every issue. For example, in most recent editions, readers had the opportunity to learn how today’s fast-moving Internet economy has transformed the way people work, shop, play and communicate.

The Internet isn’t an extension of the past. It is a new thing. It leverages individuals in ways that go beyond old models. It creates a new order of things where individuals, and not companies, can expect to reap all the benefits of economic gains. Just as the second industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century required a technically literate workforce so the Internet economy over the next generation will need a computer-and-communications-literate workforce.

Huawei ban is likely to continue even under Biden

The Huawei ban is likely to continue even under Biden

After Huawei was subjected to getting blacklisted by the Trump administration two years ago back in 2019, the company has seen some tough times both in the...
HUAWEI Customer care Service

HUAWEI Care: Huawei’s proof that they really care about after-sale service

Are the technical specifications of an electronic device the only thing to consider when making a purchase? Although the specifications of any device have a significant impact...
Oneplus 9T

No OnePlus 9T for 2021

Ever since that of 2016, OnePlus has been launching an updated version of its flagship model launched earlier in the year. The model released later on in...
OnePlus 10

The OnePlus 10 will be coming with the aid of major changes

The inevitable finally seems to be taking place. Indeed Chinese brand OnePlus is in the process of fusing together its OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS in order to...
OPPO Reno6 Music Video Asim Azhar

OPPO Releases its All-New Reno6 Music Video Celebrating Emotions in Portrait ft. Asim Azhar

OPPO recently launched one of their most anticipated phones of 2021, and the brand sure knows how to put on a show. The brand new OPPO Reno6...
Apple foldable

Apple foldable

Tech giant Apple is in the process of announcing its first foldable smartphone and by the looks of it, the process will in fact continue until that...
Oppo and OnePlus merger

What’s up with the Oppo and OnePlus merger?

The merger of OnePlus and Oppo was actually announced earlier in this year, and this actually left many fans with a bunch of worry as they had...
OPPO Takes Photographers and Content Creators to Kalash for the ‘Discover the Face of Pakistan’ Project featuring Reno6 Series

OPPO Takes Photographers and Content Creators to Kalash for the ‘Discover the Face of...

Global smart device brand OPPO has initiated a campaign project, "Discover the faces of Pakistan" in line with their newly launched product, the Reno6. This project in...

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Infinix Zero X series

Infinix Zero X series which can clearly capture the moon with it’s 60x periscopic...

Ever wondered what the recent moon craze is about? From visiting moon to buying land on the moon, people have been going...
Honda to make use of Google’s software

Honda to make use of Google’s software

For the very first time in its history, cars from Honda will be making use of Google’s Android Automotive software. With that...
Chrome to make way with some changes

Chrome to make way with some changes

The Google Chrome team – the team which of course is behind the biggest web browser across the globe, is in the...