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The federal government has established a new institution dedicated to addressing cybercrime, distinct from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). As per a government notification, the newly formed entity, named the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA), will operate under Section 29 of the NCCIA Act, granting it specified powers.

Under this act, the FIA will no longer manage matters related to the NCCIA, including officers, cases, inquiries, and investigations. Additionally, the government has appointed the Director-General (DG) of the NCCIA for a two-year term. The DG will exercise powers under the Police Order 2002, with oversight from the Ministry of Interior on NCCIA affairs.

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Moreover, the NCCIA will act as the designated agency for international cooperation on cybercrime matters. All cybercrime cases will now be referred to the NCCIA for investigation and prosecution.

The notification outlines that the NCCIA will establish its own offices nationwide and provide specialized training to its officers in cybercrime matters. Furthermore, all cases related to social media and applications across the country will now come under the jurisdiction of the NCCIA.

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