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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has refuted claims that it recommended a full ban on the popular social media platform, X.

Earlier reports had indicated that the PTA, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, had proposed a complete ban on X due to its non-compliance with Pakistani regulations. However, a PTA spokesperson has clarified that no such recommendation has been put forward. The circulating news suggesting that the PTA advocated for a complete ban on X is unfounded and inaccurate. The PTA has not engaged in any discussions with the Ministry of Interior or other bodies regarding such a ban.

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This clarification follows reports from certain media sources that X had been entirely banned in Pakistan, citing government sources. Nonetheless, the PTA has affirmed that this information is incorrect. It is important to note that social media platforms have been under a temporary ban in Pakistan since February 17 pending an assessment of their adherence to local laws. The government has responded to the Islamabad High Court confirming that X was banned due to its failure to comply with domestic regulations.

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