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OpenAI is on the brink of launching a new search tool that could challenge Google Search and the AI-driven startup Perplexity, as reported by Bloomberg.

The upcoming product from the makers of ChatGPT is slated to debut as early as next Monday, May 13, just before Google’s I/O conference kicks off. At this event, Google is expected to unveil various AI-related products and discuss Android 15, its next major OS update for smartphones.

OpenAI intends to augment ChatGPT by integrating a search engine capable of fetching real-time information from the internet and providing citations. This enhancement aims to address a key critique of ChatGPT—its reliance on outdated data. The design of OpenAI’s new search tool appears to draw inspiration from Perplexity’s offering. Perplexity, valued at about $1 billion, offers an AI-native search interface featuring citations, images, and text. The company was founded by three engineers: Aravind Srinivas, formerly of OpenAI; Denis Yarats, previously at Meta; and Johnny Ho, formerly with Quora.

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Additionally, OpenAI is considering removing ChatGPT’s NSFW filter, as indicated in a recent OpenAI Model Spec document cited by WIRED. The document reveals that the company is exploring responsible ways to allow sexually explicit and other adult-rated content on the AI chatbot. Unlike some other large language models (LLM), ChatGPT currently restricts users from generating NSFW material on its platform, but this limitation may soon change. According to the document, this adjustment would enable the generation of “erotica, extreme gore, slurs, and unsolicited profanity.”

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