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Apple Chips

Apple Mac Event Rumored

Apple as of late disclosed the iPhone 12 series out of which the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will go marked down not long from now. The...
Nokia to carry 4G to the moon

Next Step For 4G is The Moon!

NASA is searching for an approach to improve correspondence between space travelers once they re-visitation of the moon in 2024. This is the reason the organization has...
TikTok is Disappointed Over Being Banned in Pakistan

Tiktok Ban on Pakistan as Both Parties Reach an Impasse

TikTok's main goal is to rouse innovativeness and happiness, and that is exactly what they've done in Pakistan, said TikTok in an announcement including that its disillusioned...
US Restrictions on Huawei

Huawei Plans On Entering The Automobile Market Soon

Huawei Technologies has been an enormous name in the hardware and broadcast communications industry attributable to its aptitude in creating telecom gear for the worldwide market. The...
First Look at The New PS5 UI

First Look at The New PS5 UI

One month in front of its official dispatch, Sony at last responded to the last central issue with respect to its approaching gaming console for example...
Google Now Identifies Songs Using Your ‘humming’

Google Now Identifies Songs Using Youor ‘humming’

How disappointing is it when you can't put a name on the tune you are murmuring?  The most recent expansion to Google look...
Samsung mocks Apple for lack of charger

Samsung mocks Apple for lack of charger

Just earlier in this week, Apple proceeded on to hold its iPhone 12 series launch where the company made the polarizing decision of dropping the charger...
OnePlus SmartWatch

A smartwatch is indeed coming : OnePlus confirms

OnePlus, in the latest turn of events, has finally acknowledged that the OnePlus Smartwatch is indeed real and that it will launch sometime soon. The company went...

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TikTok held virtual meeting with PTA

PTA Conditionally Restores TikTok Services

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has restored TikTok services with certain conditions.In view of the presence of vulgar, indecent/immoral content on the platform...
US Economist Gives Example Of Pakistan Handling The Pandemic

US Economist Gives Example Of Pakistan Handling The Pandemic

Previous US depository secretary and famous financial expert Lawrence 'Larry' Summers is of the conclusion that had America dealt with the Covid...
Food Inflation Rate in Pakistan

Food Inflation Rate in Double Figures Over The Past Year

Since August a year ago, food inflation in Pakistan has been in twofold digits. It has stayed somewhere in the range of...