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NetMag Pakistan. We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as a publishing company and our monthly magazine, “NetMag” as Pakistan’s first IT & Telecom News magazine. The past 19 years have been the “best of the times” for our innovative and self-development magazine.

Untold numbers of readers throughout the nation have utilized NetMag Pakistan as an invaluable guide to achieving personal and professional success. In the new millennium, the mission of our magazine remains ever more relevant. One of the most appealing aspects of the magazine is the variety of cutting-edge content which is research based and well explored for every issue. For example, in most recent editions, readers had the opportunity to learn how today’s fast-moving Internet economy has transformed the way people work, shop, play and communicate.

The Internet isn’t an extension of the past. It is a new thing. It leverages individuals in ways that go beyond old models. It creates a new order of things where individuals, and not companies, can expect to reap all the benefits of economic gains. Just as the second industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century required a technically literate workforce so the Internet economy over the next generation will need a computer-and-communications-literate workforce.


Deadman walking…a blasphemer’s journey to his death

“Repel that which is evil with that which is better” , it is in the Prophets Mohammad's example that we find how to rise above every...
Beaconhouse International Colleges

Beaconhouse Launches Beaconhouse International Colleges

The Beaconhouse Group, Pakistan's leading & largest private education system recently launched its newest venture, The Beaconhouse International Colleges (BIC) , with a groundbreaking ceremony of its flagship campus...
First nursing university of Pakistan

First Nursing University of Pakistan to be establish in Isb

Pakistan is establishing a nursing university in Islamabad. The construction of the university will start next month. The complex has been sponsored by Bahrain and a gift...
Feminism flourishing

Is Feminism flourishing in ‘Digital Spaces’?

Seeing as how  hi-tech advancements and the augmentation of new media has been an integral part of our lives in the last decade or so, it...
TMUC Students

Zong 4G Educates TMUC Students on Their Visit to the Headquarters

Islamabad 12 Dec 2019: Pakistan’s leading telecommunication Network, Zong 4G upholds the commitment to uplift the educational sector by hosting a delegation of students from The Millennium...
IBA Karachi

IBA Karachi Annual Convocation 2019

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi held its annual convocation 2019 at the main campus to confer degrees to 926 graduates. The graduating batch included 673...
Solar Eclipse

After 20 years Pakistanis are gearing up to witness the solar eclipse

Gear up and set your watches for the marvelous “Annular Ring of Fire” on December 26. The annular solar eclipse is a very rare phenomenon, it happens...
Microsoft Edu Day

Microsoft Edu Day hosted by KPESE and Microsoft

Education Institutions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary (KPK) partner with Microsoft to highlight technological advancements in education by hosting Microsoft Edu Day Microsoft in...

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Imran Khan featured on Time Magazine

Imran Khan featured on Time Magazine’s WEF special edition

Times magazine included Prime Minister Imran Khan to its cover among other leaders of the world. Times issued a special edition ahead...
Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah has to prove his ‘Muslim’ identity after 70 years

Legendry Bollywood veteran actor, Naseeruddin Shah opens up about living conditions in India after the current wave of nationalistic extremism in the...
traditional Hindu wedding

The mosque turned host for traditional Hindu wedding

Crossing the societal barriers, a mosque in India made history by hosting a Hindu wedding setting an ecstatic wave of harmony...