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The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has alerted the Lahore High Court about an impending severe heatwave expected to hit the province next week, with temperatures predicted to exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

During a Friday hearing concerning petitions on smog and environmental pollution, a PDMA representative briefed the Lahore High Court about the imminent intense heatwave. Justice Shahid Karim expressed serious concern over this alarming forecast. The PDMA official further noted that the heatwave would also have detrimental effects on plants and trees.

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In response, the judge directed the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) to take immediate action to maintain all public parks in Lahore. He also instructed the PHA to formulate a policy for park restoration, which would include financial support from local residents.

Additionally, a lawyer representing the Central Business District (CBD) informed the court that two tanks had been constructed to store rainwater. Emphasizing the importance of rainwater conservation, Justice Shahid Karim urged the adoption of further measures. He also announced that market hours would be extended before Eidul Azha, with an official order to be issued in the next hearing. The judge scheduled the next session for June 7.

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