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Numerous regions across the country experienced internet outages and disruptions starting early this morning, impacting customers of major internet service providers (ISPs).

While ISPs have gradually restored internet services in most areas, the exact cause of the outage remains uncertain.

According to sources within the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), one potential reason for the disruption could be damage to submarine cables, although this has not been officially confirmed. When contacted for comment, telecom companies informed ProPakistani that the issue may stem from internal factors.

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Our investigations indicate that despite some improvement in service, browsing speeds remain sluggish, and full restoration of internet connectivity has yet to be achieved. PTCL has affirmed that their end is not experiencing any issues and their internet services are operating normally.

Contrary to reports of widespread internet outages, a spokesperson from the PTA has denied any problems from the regulator’s side.

Earlier, the Nayatel helpline acknowledged nationwide internet failures and degradation.

It’s important to note that the responsibility for restoring internet connectivity lies solely with the PTA and telecom operators.

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