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The issue of paper leaks and rampant cheating among students during Matric examinations in Karachi and other educational boards persists without effective resolution.

Recently, the Mathematics paper for Class 10 was leaked and circulated via WhatsApp groups before the scheduled examination. This incident, despite prior assurances from board officials, has once again brought into question the integrity of the examination process.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. The Mathematics paper leak is just one in a series of such incidents that have occurred this year alone.

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The education system in Sindh appears unable to effectively manage the matric board exams, with frequent reports of cheating by both students and teachers, highlighting deep-rooted systemic issues.

Additionally, several students were caught cheating during this year’s matric examinations in Sindh, with instances of impersonation also coming to light.

The repercussions of these leaks and cheating are severe, as they unfairly disadvantage hardworking students who rightfully earn their place in higher education institutions or scholarship programs. Moreover, this situation underscores the broader inadequacies within the public education system.

In response to these challenges, students and parents are demanding strict punitive measures to address the underlying structural flaws in the board examination process.

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