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The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has announced a slight increase in the price of indigenous liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by Rs. 0.12 per kg for July 2024. This adjustment raises the price of an 11.8 kg domestic cylinder by Rs. 1.43.

According to a notification issued on Monday, the consumer price of LPG for July is set at Rs. 234.71 per kg, up from Rs. 234.59 in June. Consequently, the price of an 11.8 kg domestic cylinder has increased to Rs. 2,769.66 for July, compared to Rs. 2,768.23 in June.

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In a brief statement, OGRA explained that the LPG producer price is tied to the Saudi Aramco Contract Price (CP) and the US Dollar exchange rate. Although the Saudi Aramco-CP remained unchanged from the previous month, a 0.06 percent rise in the average dollar exchange rate led to the slight increase in the LPG consumer price.

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