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The next iteration of Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone SE might come with a slight price increase, according to insider information from X. The iPhone SE 4, anticipated to debut in 2025, could see a bump from its predecessor’s $429 price tag to $499.

Rumors suggest that the hike could be around 10% in the US, possibly reaching $470, while European prices might hover closer to $499 due to higher taxes. This potential uptick in cost might be attributed to the adoption of a more contemporary design akin to the iPhone 14 and the inclusion of Face ID.

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Despite uncertainties, given the substantial gap since the previous iPhone SE release, a price adjustment wouldn’t come as a surprise. However, it’s uncertain whether this move will significantly impact market share, considering past sales haven’t made a significant dent in the US market.

Looking ahead to the iPhone 16 expected in September, it’s rumored to bring about one of the most substantial software overhauls in iPhone history. Reports suggest iOS 18 could introduce generative AI features akin to Samsung’s Galaxy AI seen in the Galaxy S24 series. Whether Apple’s implementation will surpass Samsung’s or Google’s remains to be seen.

Several sources indicate that Apple plans to integrate a blend of cloud-based and on-device AI into iPhones, with the cloud-based AI potentially sourced from OpenAI. Time will tell how these advancements will shape the user experience on future iPhones.

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