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Google Pixel 8 users are grappling with persistent scrolling issues on their devices, reminiscent of past Pixel phone models. Although Google has acknowledged the problem, it seems a solution won’t arrive until Android 15, leaving users in limbo. The scrolling problem has plagued Pixel phones for years, and while Google is aware of the frustration expressed by hundreds of users in a longstanding thread on the Issue Tracker, a fix remains elusive.

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The issue manifests as random stutters during screen movement, affecting both system-level operations and third-party applications. Google has assured users of its commitment to resolving this problem with the upcoming Android release, presumably referring to Android 15. However, with only two developer previews of Android 15 released so far, the final update is still months away, even for Pixel devices, which typically receive updates ahead of other manufacturers.

Android 15 is anticipated to debut alongside the Pixel 9 series in October, initially rolling out to Pixel phones before being extended to other OEMs in subsequent months. In the meantime, Pixel 8 owners may have to endure the scrolling woes until the awaited update arrives.

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