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Following the killing of seven aid workers by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Gaza, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reportedly ended its diplomatic coordination with Israel. Emirati officials have confirmed this decision, describing the current state of relations between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi as the “darkest day” in their history.

The global community has reacted strongly to the incident, with Spain condemning Israel’s justification for the killings as insufficient and unacceptable.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that the killings were unintentional. However, critics argue that Israel has not taken adequate measures to protect civilians and humanitarian workers since the beginning of its aggressive campaign in Gaza.


Pakistan has revealed its squad for the upcoming T20 series against New Zealand today.

The death toll from Israel’s ongoing campaign has now exceeded 33,000, leading to widespread condemnation.

Despite widespread condemnation, efforts to persuade Israel to cease its devastating war, which has been ongoing since October 7, have been unsuccessful.

Israel shows no signs of easing its stance, despite the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, marked by disease outbreaks and alarming levels of famine.

The UAE was one of the nations that signed the US-brokered Abraham Accord deals to normalize relations with Israel in September 2020.

Last year, Al Jazeera reported that the UAE had benefited from the accords, with 450,000 Israelis visiting the country between January 2021 and January 2023, and Israeli companies engaging in business activities in the Gulf nation.

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