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A $ 1 billion investment is being considered by Intel in Vietnam chip packaging

As reported by Reuters, two people familiar with the matter have disclosed that Intel is considering significantly increasing its current investment of US$1.5 billion (currently about 10.215 billion CNY) in Vietnam in order to increase chip production in the country. It is a factory that is dedicated to testing and packaging. There is no doubt that this will mark Vietnam’s growing prominence in the global semiconductor supply chain. The deal is expected to be worth about $1 billion (currently about 6.81 billion CNY).

One of the sources said that the investment would probably take place “in the next few years” and might even exceed $1 billion (currently about 6.81 billion CNY). There is also a report that Intel is also considering alternative investments in Singapore and Malaysia, which have the potential of being preferred over Vietnam, according to another source.

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When asked about any possible investment plans, Intel responded, “Vietnam is a very important part of the manufacturing network we have around the world, but we haven’t announced any new investments at this time.”.

There is a chip packaging and testing plant located in the commercial heartland of southern Vietnam which is Intel’s largest chip packaging and testing facility in the world. Approximately $1.5 billion has been invested in the development of this technology by Intel to date.


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