Access Verified Election Results with New Website, VPN Required

The 2024 general elections in Pakistan recently concluded, yielding some of the most contentious results to date. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), led by Imran Khan, emerged victorious in many regions across the country, although the overnight alteration of election outcomes has raised concerns. Experts assert that these elections rank among the least credible in Pakistan’s 76-year history.

Stay Informed: Check Authentic Election Results on New Website

Fortunately, a new website has been launched to provide access to the genuine winners in each area, albeit requiring the use of VPNs, likely due to censorship concerns. This website offers sample data extracted from Form 45, presenting the respective winners in each constituency.

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Users can search by constituency, candidate name, or city to retrieve specific data. The displayed table includes constituency numbers, area names, winning candidates along with their party affiliations, and the total number of votes received. Additionally, clicking the “view constituency” button reveals further details such as polling station information and the number of rejected votes. Users also have the option to download these forms for offline viewing.


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