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Election Results Uncertainty Sparks Pakistan Stock Exchange Decline of 1400 Points

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) KSE 100 index continued its downward slide on Monday, February 12th, 2024, losing an additional 800 points to settle at 61,529 points. This drop follows Friday’s decline of 1,700 points, bringing the total loss since the election results started trickling in to a significant 2,500 points.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Faces Steep Decline Amid Election Result Ambiguity

Reasons for the Fall:

  • Uncertainty surrounding election results: The delay in finalizing official results and the unexpected lead of independent candidates backed by former Prime Minister Khan’s PTI party have created unease among investors. This lack of clarity regarding the future political landscape is driving cautiousness and selling activity.
  • Concerns about stability: Experts warn that the election outcome could lead to increased political instability, potentially affecting economic growth and jeopardizing the crucial IMF loan negotiations. This raises concerns about long-term economic prospects, prompting investors to hold back on investments.

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  • Challenges in forming a government: The possibility of a complex and lengthy process of forming a coalition government further adds to the uncertainty, fueling anxieties and market volatility.

Comparison with Yesterday’s Index:

  • Friday’s closing index: 64,143.87 points
  • Monday’s closing index: 61,529 points
  • Total loss: 2,614.87 points (approximately 4.08%)


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