A report on Pakistan’s press freedom 2022

A report on Pakistan's press freedom 2022
A report on Pakistan's press freedom 2022

A report on Pakistan Press Freedom was released by the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) in the year 2022. Moreover, as per the report, there are worsening scenarios of peril for the freedom of media in Pakistan in 2022, and there is a continuous suppression and sabotage of freedom of expression. Pakistan Media Freedom Report 2022 also revealed that four media persons were killed during the performance of their duties.

As a result of the inhumane murder of well-known journalists and anchors, Arshad Sharif, Athar Mateen, and Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqi, the government and authorities have once again exposed their mendacious claims of media freedom. A similar incident occurred when Sadaf Naeem, a female reporter and journalist, died as a result of insufficient safety measures in the course of performing her duties while performing her duty.

A report on Pakistan’s press freedom was released by the CPNE in 2022

The report revealed that the most gruesome murder case in the line of duty has occurred in Kenya involving Anchor & Journalist Arshad Sharif. As a result of the horrendous murder of Arshad Sharif, Pakistani Journalists who carry out international-level investigative journalism are in danger, while many potential candidates and those who are interested in joining the media profession are fearful.

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Undemocratic black law, passed by PECA (Prevention of Electronic Crime), is still forcibly being implemented. Some of the clauses negatively impact journalism and freedom of expression. During the past year, threats and attacks faced by media personnel in the context of freedom of expression, have contradicted the claims of democratic government in Pakistan and reflected the authoritarianism system.

According to CPNE’s report, in 2022 journalists, media employees, and media organizations were subjected to anti-media activities as a result of intolerance and prejudice against media. In more than 28 incidents, 13 journalists faced violence, households of 2 journalists were attacked, 10 journalists were arrested and cases were lodged against them, and 3 female journalists were harassed. In remuneration of factful and truthful reporting about floods and affectees in Sindh, along with Ilyas Samoo, the journalist from Keti Bandar, many journalists from different areas of Sindh were arrested on false allegations under Anti-terrorisms Act.

The case based on false allegations against Waqar Satti, an Islamabad-based journalist, under Blasphemy Act is still pending irrespective of clear instruction by High Court. Moreover, journalists also face self-censorship and other restrictions. Also, in 2022, online harassment against journalists continued.


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