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Leading global B2B e-commerce platform will host its first event in Multan on 12 January to discuss the new era of B2B e-commerce with existing and potential exporters in the region. This is the latest of’s efforts to help promote the growth of Pakistan’s e-commerce and export industry by encouraging local businesses to go online and go digital.
The event, titled “Multan Seller Summit- Export! KYA? KYUN? AUR ke saath,” will offer businesses tips and counsel on ways to begin and develop an online export business, as well as address questions on the necessary skills required by Pakistani sellers to grow in the field.

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The Multan Seller Summit will feature a line-up of experts in the fields of e-commerce and export, including Miss Amy Li, Marketing Head of Pakistan; Mr Sheikh M. Asim Saeed, Vice President of Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industries, and Mr Tanveer Nadla, Founder of ISKILLS Pakistan.
The summit will also spotlight Multan-based SMEs who have successfully leveraged to keep their businesses thriving.

They will share their experience in digital transformation and how they develop innovative online business strategies to identify and unlock new opportunities.


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